Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Bunny Pictures

For the 3rd year in a row we took Teeghun with Tanner in tow this year to Stellhorn Studio for their annual pictures with live bunnies...Last year they captured a GREAT picture and we were pleased to see that they chose it as their "ad" picture! Soooo, this year Teeghun is the Stellhorn Easter Bunny Ad baby! HE IS A SUPERSTAR :) HA!!

I am posting the three pictures that we have had done with him; it is amazing to look at each year and see how much he has changed!

This is the picture that Stellhorn used in their ad this year!!

I am also posting Tanner's first picture and the three pictures that we got of the two of them together. Steve of course rolled his eyes when I came home from shopping with matching shirts for the boys :) what he doesn't realize is that I am still looking for one for him! HA!! Just kidding!! I figure that I can only get away with matching them for so long and then they (or daddy) will put a stop to it!!


M/G said...

Teeghun looks like such a little man this year! I love the boys matching shirts and cracked up when you mentioned getting one for Steve too. I've also gotten matching outfits for my girls...can't wait to put them in them although their daddy rolled his eyes as well when I showed him my bargains. :0)

Jaidean said...

How fun! Those are adorable and I love the matching shirts!!! Teeghun does look like such a big boy now...amazing what a little baby next to them does, doesn't it??

Anonymous said...
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Janice said...

I am all about matching outfits! of course, it's harder since my kids are not of the same gender ;-P. The Easter photos are adorable! Are those real bunnies?

Anonymous said...

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