Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tanner's first cereal

We started Tanner on cereal today after seeing Dr. Bollier. It seems that we can feed Tanner over 7 ounces and in a couple of hours he is hungry again, so he thought that maybe starting him on cereal would help. He seemed to really like it! Thank goodness!! Here are a couple pictures of Tanner's first taste of cereal and then just for fun a couple pictures of Teeghun's first taste of cereal...

Teeghun's first taste of cereal :)(Teeghun started cereal on August 8th, so it was a bit earlier for Tanner)


Jaidean said...

How funny! Looks like you got an eater on your hands! :)
Emery is definitely our eater - she never even makes a funny face or anything when I give her something new, just opens her mouth open wide right away like she is saying, "give me some more now!"

Janice said...

He-he!! Cameron was a lot like Tanner when he first started cereal. Unfortunately he's gotten very picky with his food lately.

I thought I was looking at the same baby when I scrolled down your post. Didn't realize that was Teeghun!