Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Sunday we were blessed (??) with a Level 2 Snow Emergency, we had been to church and were headed home when they declared it. We spent much quality family time together on Sunday and of course had to go outside and play in the snow. Teeghun is getting more brave and was even falling off the sled just to fall off. He even wanted to pull the sled around the backyard himself.

Ready for sledding

Dada what do you mean you are tired??

Pulling the sled

Really, I am not cold

After the sledding we had lunch and for dessert we had cupcakes that were decorated like snowmen, Teeghun's had a black hat and black scarf...here is the result of the hat and scarf


M/G said...

Anna looked similar to this after eating her green sprinkled snowman sugar cookie for snack today! :)

Jaidean said...

Looks like he had a ton of fun! Cute cupcake eating picture! :)