Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday, 3:58 am = THUD

It is the sound I have been dreading since we transitioned Teeghun to his new bed...yepper he fell out of bed! It was 3:58 am, we heard a thud, then nothing and then a cry! I knew that there was no way I was getting out of bed quickly (have you seen any 9 month pregnant woman move quickly???) but Steve can move like lightning! He was out of bed and across the hall scooping him up in no time! He cried for about 60-90 seconds and then he was reaching for his bed (this was a relief because I was afraid that he might not want anything to do with his bed if he ever fell out, perhaps it was good (??) that it happened when he might still have been 1/2 asleep)! I gave him a 1/2 dose of Tylenol just in case he had hit his head or anything but we didn't see any bumps. At 7:00 am he was awake and ready to go to church, I had him go upstairs with me just to see if everything was moving ok :) he was just fine! I know that God makes little kids resilient but man alive scared me to death! We have yet to figure out how he fell out of bed, the opening where he fell out couldn't be more than a foot across, but there is now a pillow stuffed in it until we see if it is going to happen again!

Now...when your heart is beating that fast at 4:00 am the likelihood that you are going back to sleep is slim to none!! I of course cried! Poor Steve that is happening a lot right now :) then I think that I dozed a little bit but I kept one ear listening for another thud! Last night he slept just fine and when we woke him up this morning to go to the fire station to get the infant carseats installed, he was at the opposite end of the bed smashed up against the footboard! I think that he likes having all this extra room for moving around at night!

Keep us in your prayers this week as we prepare for Baby T's arrival. Steve commented last night that it will be a crazy busy week at work this week trying to get everything done before being off work for three weeks (yes three weeks!!!!) He has to go to Detroit on Friday for some testing that had to be done before he took off work; I look for him to have to go into work at least once during the time that he is off because they are sooo busy and his to do list will only continue to grow while he is off work. We washed all of Teeghun's clothes this weekend so the nursery dresser is stocked and ready for Baby T. I of course have become quite emotional over the last couple days, hoping that Teeghun will adjust well to the new addition...we are already discussing ways to make sure that Teeghun gets as much attention as the new baby and that he doesn't feel threatened by the baby's arrival!! As a mother I told Steve that I am sure that I am more worried about that then he is; Steve is already looking ahead to college savings plans :) HA!!!

Here is a picture of Teeghun enjoying cousin Chelsea's birthday cake and also a picture of him on one of the fire engines this morning, I only had my cell phone to take a picture of him but it still turned out pretty good.


M/G said...

We've not heard the "thud" yet but I listen for it as well. I've had to move her a few times in the night when I check on her as she's gotten too close to the edge. I guess it's good I have to be up using the bathroom every 2 hours or less so I can keep her in the center of her bed. :0) I can't imagine how you're feeling being so close to delivery. I'm feeling anxious too, more so with this one I think than with Anna because I worry about her as well. The Lord will see us through!!

M/G said...
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Janice said...

No thuds for us either - but that's because we still haven't put him in his regular bed yet!!! The crib transitions into a toddler bed but there really is no room for him in it. We just don't have to heart to move him yet.

Anyway, good luck with everything! I hope you have a safe and fast delivery! Can't wait to meet your little one!!

Jaidean said...

Teagun has only had one "Thud"...I honestly didn't even hear it until he started crying though! Bad mommy! :)

I just realized that today is the day! Yay - I hope everything is going/went smoothly and I can't wait to see pictures of your little guy!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow... I CAN sign on from work! Anyhoo, I'm not logging in so this is Liz, you'll know me by my dots... whee... anyway, just wait until they fall out of the TOP bunk. And you're downstairs and they're upstairs. Honestly, we've never had one hurt themselves. Weird, as they really should have. So much for those safety net things. Just think of it as practice for the football field. :) I threw that in for Pat.