Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Ok, so this picture is blurry and I am bummed!! I love the feature on my camera where you can take pictures in a completely dark room but sometimes they turn out blurry...which is a bummer!!!

We all survived the first night in Teeghun's big boy room, ESPECIALLY the big boy bed! Teeghun graduated from his crib to a queen sized bed on Monday night and he did great in spite of MAJOR nerves from Mommy and Daddy!! Mommy was so nervous she went to a MOPS meeting and let Daddy handle the transition herself, nice of me huh!?!? Daddy put him to bed, shut the door (cause the headboard is right against the hallway wall) and Teeghun started to cry. Steve poked his head back in and assured him that it was ok and that he should lay down with his bubba's (doggies) and go to sleep. Teeghun must have been reassured cause he laid down and we didn't hear a peep out of him. He sat up when we did his breathing treatment but you could tell that he was half asleep. He looks really small in his bed but he did great and never got out until this morning when he was standing at the gate to his room yelling "MAMA"!! We were giving high-fives and really making over him sleeping in his new bed! I think that he likes his new room!!!

Other exciting news...he is showing interest in the potty chair...IS MOMMY READY FOR THIS?? NOT sure!! He went potty over the weekend on it (we partied) and then again last night before tubby time (not sure if daddy partied like mommy does it not :) HA!!...

He hasn't been eating well at all lately, so much so that the daycare called us concerned because they could tell that he was dropping weight and looking really skinny!!! You can almost criss-cross the tabs on his diapers he was getting so small. I called Dr. Bollier's office yesterday and they assured me that at this stage in their lives they can go through a real eating SLUMP and she said "I do mean slump"! Fran (his nurse) gave us some Nutri-Pals (nutrition bars for toddlers) and some Pediasure (which stinks more than formula) to try and he wasn't really crazy about the bars but liked the we will supplement with that when we think that he isn't eating as much as he should. He is down to 29 pounds (was 27 pounds in September at his 18 month appointment) and he is getting taller every time we look at him!!

I promise to post pictures of his new room soon!!!


Nikki B said...

Reece is doing the same thing with his eating. He is slimming out, but he is still 29 lbs also. We are getting him ready to go to a big boy room too. Probably in a couple months. I'll be praying for your delivery to be a complete success!!

Jaidean said...

So glad the transition to the big boy bed went well! He will be adjusted to it in no time at all (and you too!). Only a few more days until the new little T arrives - so excited for you!!!

Kerri said...

Great work.