Saturday, August 2, 2008


Today (August 2nd) is our 5 year wedding anniversary and Steve planned an overnight getaway for us last night to Indianapolis. It was AWESOME! I totally felt like a princess!!!

We stayed at the Sybaris Romantic Getaway it was wonderful!!! Then he arranged for a limo to pick us up and take us to dinner at this really, really yummy steakhouse Fogo De Chao we indulged in all kinds of good food and were totally miserable!!! Then we headed back to the hotel, hung out, swam in the pool IN OUR ROOM!! It was truly a romantic getaway and I love him for planning a super special time...
Happy Anniversary Honey, here's to the next five years and the adventures God has in store for us.

Pictures from the getaway...
Steve trying out the massage chair

The pool in our hotel room

Garden Tub

The bed...Steve said that it looked like it had "landing lights"

The "tropical waterfall" in the pool

In the limo on the way to the restaurant (bad picture)

At the restaurant

We told the waiter it was our Anniversary so this was how our FREE dessert arrived at our table

Beside the limo back at the hotel


philippine lotto said...
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Jaidean said...

How fun! Happy Anniversary!!!