Friday, October 3, 2008

Medical Update on Tanner

Tanner had two appointments with specialists yesterday. At 9:15 we met with Dr. Reddy who put the tubes in Teeghun's ears. Dr. Bollier referred Tanner to Dr. Reddy because he has had 3 ear infections since he was born and we haven't even hit the cold and flu season yet. When we got to his office yesterday we were informed that he has a double ear infection RIGHT NOW! The biggest problem with this is as you can see from the picture above, we never seem to know when he has an ear infection...does that picture look like a child with a double ear infection? Both he and Teeghun are as pleasant as can be even when they are sick so that isn't good. Dr. Reddy said that Tanner is an excellant candidate for tubes and we went ahead and scheduled that surgery. Tanner will get tubes on Monday, November 10th; they do the surgeries in order of birthdate and so far he is the youngest which is good to hear because he cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight...UGH!

After the ear appointment we went home and had mommy/Tanner time. I had so forgotten what it was like to have just one child! Don't get me wrong I love both my boys but we very rarely get one on one time with just one of the boys so this was a nice switch.

At 1:00 yesterday afternoon we trekked to yet another specialist, this time it was an eye specialist. Tanner has had a clogged tear duct since he was born; most babies outgrow it within a month of being born but not our little Tanner Banana! Sooo, we talked about the options and he (Dr. Krach) suggested doing a probing (yeah it is probably as bad as it sounds) of the tear duct to open it and clear out all the gunk in there and make it "ALL BETTER"! So on Wednesday, October 29th at 6:00 (IN THE MORNING) he will have his tear duct probed and should NEVER have to have it done again!! I sure hope that is the case!

So, in the span of about two weeks Tanner will go under LIGHT anesthesia twice which makes me nervous but Teeghun did well with his tubes surgery so I am praying that Tanner will come through both of these procedures just as well and be as good as new!!!

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