Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Tanner is 7 months old! Where does the time go?? It seems like just yesterday that I was holding him for the first time!! He has two teeth, sits up really well and laughes a lot!! He loves his big brother dearly and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual (well if mommy has him, not so much if daddy has him!)

PRESCHOOL??? Yeah Preschool!! Teeghun started preschool yesterday! Again, where the heck does time go? Seriously I cannot believe that Teeghun is in preschool already! He is loving it, absolutely loving it! There are only 7 kids in the room at any given time so the kids get lots of attention and they are learning a lot! Each month they focus on 3-4 letters, 3-4 shapes and also something biblical. This month they are learning the Lord's Prayer! Oh and they are teaching him Spanish! I told the teacher to stop that, we don't know Spanish and I won't know what he is saying!

Teeghun's first day of preschool

Speaking of preschool, I cried like a baby Teeghun's last day being in the Toddler room! We have really bonded with the teachers in the toddler room and I couldn't imagine them not being with Teeghun everyday! They are incredibly wonderful women and we were so very blessed to have had them be a part of Teeghun's life since last May!!


Jaidean said...

where does time go?!?! Glad Teeghun is enjoying preschool!

Janice said...

YAY for preschool!!! Your boys are getting big so fast! I can't beleve Tanner is 7 months old!!!!!!!!!