Thursday, December 11, 2008

9 months (almost 10)

I better get this posted before I am posting a 10 month post...

November 18th Tanner turned 9 months old and mommy cried!! I cannot believe that he is 9 months old already!! Where does the time go? I think that it is finally hitting me that this is it, my last baby is growing up and rather quickly I might add.

At his 9 month appointment he weighed 24 lbs 2 ounces (95%) (Teeghun was 24 lbs. 9 ounces at 9 months)
30 1/4 inches tall (95%) (Teeghun was 29 inches)
Head is 18 3/4 inches around (95%, he said that with a melon this big he should be a genius :) HA!!) (Teeghun's head was 18 3/4 inches around)

He is crawling all over the place and doesn't seem to mind being left in a room alone cause he will just come find us now. He is sometimes waving, and babbles ALLLL the time (just like his mama :) He is getting better at pinching puffs and trying to get them to his mouth. He is standing up more and even took a couple steps yesterday at the doctor office. He will let go of one thing to try to reach for another but isn't quite "cruising" yet.

I am guessing that he will easily be walking before his first birthday...gotta keep up with big brother you know.

(sorry these pictures are so bad, we took them at the firestation when we got his new carseat installed)

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The Smith's said...

Yes, they are growing fast...seems much faster than the first one. Maybe b/c we're so busy with 2 now, it's all just a blur!