Thursday, December 11, 2008


Seriously?? How in the world did we get to December?? I mean it is December 10th and we still don't have our Christmas tree up...and we need to put it up because Teeghun is old enough now to realize that it should be up. We are planning to put it up tonight so there will be new pictures tomorrow.

Early in November the builder that we are working with (Granite Ridge Builders) had Santa Clause come for pictures. We gathered the kids and headed that direction; holding our breath that we would get one decent picture. Many of you will recall Teeghun's first encounter with Santa:

Here was Tanner's first encounter with Santa:

I think that he would've sat there all day if we had let him, not a care in the world. Teeghun finally did get brave enough to at least stand beside Santa.

Teeghun seems to be getting more brave each time we see him.

We started the tradition of going downtown for the holiday lighting ceremony the night before Thanksgiving the year that Teeghun was born. Here is video of the three lights being turned on:

We had a wonderfuly Thanksgiving, ate way too much as usual and this year were treated to the stomach flu on Friday and Saturday....NOT FUN with a 2 1/2 year old and a crawling 9 month old!!

Here are some pictures from Thanksgiving

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