Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Wow 2010 already!?!?!
This year my New Year's Resolution is to update this blog more frequently. I started this blog as a way to create a memory for Teeghun and Tanner as I didn't really keep baby books for either of them. When I look back and see that I am not updating it very frequently it makes me sorta sad; so I am hoping to update it much more often this year.

We had a wonderful Christmas season, we survived all SEVEN Family Christmas Celebrations (YES SEVEN!!!). It was great to get to spend time with all the family and even got to snuggle on some new babies in the Kreiger (Carter Russell Jagger) and Bills (Carter Ford Bills) families.

We celebrated our first Christmas in our new house and it was WONDERFUL!! It is like a dream come true to be back living in the country and living right next to family. We love it. I am not so sure that Steve loves the sound of the howling wind and the snow blowing across the field though.

Here are a couple pictures of the boys from the last couple months...


Tanner's First Hair Cut
Tanner had a lot of hair a lot sooner than Teeghun ever did so we had his first hair cut done by Sally Hinen because she does my hair and Tanner was born on her birthday so we figured it only fitting :) Here is a slideshow of the first haircut. He did NOT want to sit in the chair alone so daddy held him (hey, I had to take the pictures :) and they were both covered in hair when it was all over!!

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