Friday, January 22, 2010

November 2009

November found us spending as much time outside as we possibly could. We started off the month of November walking in my uncle's woods. He has a nice path mowed down through it and the kids loved crunching in the leaves and picking up "treasures". We also spent time in Indianapolis going to the Indianapolis Zoo and the Children's Museum. We loved the Museum and will definitely be going back there again, this was the second or third time we had been to the zoo and enjoy it also. The weather was beautiful that weekend and we even got away without wearing any jackets at all. We hosted Thanksgiving for the Miller side of the family and really enjoyed getting to finally host a family gathering. We wrapped up the month of November by hosting the Landrigan family for an evening. Jack & Christy have four adorable children and the boys had a great time playing with them.

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