Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday TEEGHUN

Wow! Four years old already? Mommy can hardly believe that just four short years ago you were born, it seems like only yesterday!!

You are developing into quite a smart little guy!! You love your little brother and you are such a good big brother to him! You are so caring and so concerned about him all the time, but you two can still put up quite a good fight with each other when you want to also!!!

You love your preschool and your teacher's Miss Debbie, Miss Jennifer, Miss Emily and Miss Becky. You have learned a lot in the last year, you know all your letters, can count to at least 30, and know too many songs to name them all!

This year we did two birthday parties a small one with friends and a bigger one for all your friends from the preschool. This year we just decided to invite all the boys in your class, but had to include Jillian because you two are best buddies!!!

Happy birthday my handsome prince! Mommy loves you so very much!!

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