Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pictures pictures pictures

I have taken a lot of pictures in the last week so I wanted to share some of them with you!!!

We went to see Steve's parents last week and I took some pictures while we were there, we hadn't gotten any three generation pictures yet with Tanner so we made sure to do that while we were there. Ray has been itching to mow so Steve (and Teeghun) helped fill up the roller so that he could roll while he was mowing.

Last Wednesday we went out to my step-sister's house and had dinner. Teeghun loved jumping on the trampoline with Morgan & Chelsea. After dinner we did ear candling, if you haven't ever done this before it is pretty interesting and disgusting what you draw out of your ear....YUCK!!!

Teeghun acquired a "hand-me-down" house this weekend from Amanda & Olivia and he loves it! He was soooo excited when we took him to the basement to see it! He especially loves the doorbell!! Thanks for giving us this great house, he will get lots and lots of use out of it!!!

GG & GP gave us money for Teeghun's birthday and we used it to buy him a sand and water table. He loves it, he had so much fun playing with the sand and then he would take his pitcher over and pretend to get more water just the way that he had seen Dadda do! The kid amazes us, he doesn't miss anything!!!

We took time this weekend to bake cookies with Memaw, I am not sure how many cookies got made but a lot of dough get eaten :) YUMMO!!!


Anonymous said...
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Janice said...

I have never heard of ear candling before. how does it work? I wonder how much gunk i could get out of my ear if I did that, lol!!!

The play house and sand table are super cool! Teeghun scored some really cute stuff!