Monday, April 28, 2008

The Sickies are in the House

Last week we had noticed that Tanner seemed more congested than he had been. He was coughing a lot more, was waking himself up coughing and coughing so hard that he was vomiting his formula. We called the pediatrician and his nurse advised us that there really isn't much that they can do unless he is running a fever. Friday we got a call from the daycare saying that Tanner seemed lethargic and was running a low-grade fever. I called and got him in to see the doctor on call Saturday morning (yes our pediatrician has Saturday and Sunday hours, which we found to be AWESOME!!!); he took one look in his ears and informed me that he had a terrible double ear infection! I felt awful, we had no idea, I had taken him in because of the chest congestion and the terrible coughing that he had been doing. Teeghun had six ear infections before he was nine months old and had to get tubes, so we are thinking that Tanner is on his way to this also. Dr. Adams also said that he did have some chest congestion that we needed to take care of; so we have enlisted Teeghun's breathing machine to help Tanner with his chest congestion. Steve & Teeghun are both sick as well as Tanner so I am popping multi-vitamins and vitamin C in an effort to not get sick!!

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Jaidean said...

Oh no - I hope everyone starts feeling better soon (and that you don't catch it!).