Thursday, September 11, 2008


August 24th we purchased two acres of land from my grandparents. We are hoping to build next to Mom and Wayne in the near future. I am sooo excited about this as I have always dreamed that my kids would grow up next to Memaw, Baby Papa just like I grew up next to Grandpa & Grandma Gordon. I haven't ever (until I got married) lived more than 5 minutes from my grandparents and cannot wait to move back there. We are currently in the "planning process" of choosing house plans, getting the land surveyed and all the other "fun" stuff that goes with this process...WHEW! It is a whole lot of emotional ups and downs but it will all be worth it! For our anniversary we bought an above ground pool, mom laughed and said that we were the first people she knew that bought a pool before we even had somewhere to put it!! We now own an above ground pool and two acres of land....

Here are some pictures of Steve and Grandpa walking OUR PROPERTY on September 1st. Steve's thoughts on the land after walking it "That is a lot of freaking yard to mow!" HA!!

In this picture you can see in the distance the house where I grew up, my Uncle and Aunt now live there.

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Lindsay, Tony, and Madison said...

That's so exciting!!! Hopefully I can move back up by mom soon, too! :-)