Monday, January 28, 2008


Yes! You read that right! Teeghun had his first dentist visit...BEFORE he is even two years old! I couldn't believe that they see them that early but Steve's dentist likes to see his patients before they turn two, so off we went! Teeghun did impressively well (ok, so the pictures don't look like it but he really did!). He was seen first by the hygienist who was SUPER with him; she had him sit on Steve's lap facing Steve and then had him lay back into her lap. Of course he cried but wasn't hysterical (unlike his mommy when she first saw the dentist, I still don't like to go!)! Then he was seen by the dentist (Dr. Lake), who said that all his teeth looked really good and that he had two of his two year molars in already! She encouraged us to continue having him brush a couple times a day (which he loves, he asks all the time "I brush teeth") and to also "help" as he will allow, we are hitting the "me do" stage at our house! After he was seen by the dentist the hygienist had him lay back again and she "painted" a fluoride varnish all over his teeth, it was REALLY sticky, but it must have had a fruity taste cause he really didn't seem to mind. After that we watched for a bit as Daddy got a new crown then we went to the waiting room to play with the beads and train table. Honestly I think that he was more upset when we had to leave the train table then he was having his teeth looked at; guess we will have to watch for a train table on clearance!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I can add some circus pictures from this last weekend!!

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M/G said...

We'll be doing this in May when I go to get my teeth cleaned. Should be interesting. She loves to brush her teeth, we do at least 2 times per day, but letting someone look in her mouth is another story. Be sure to post pics of the boys' rooms. I'm anxious to see!! :0) We're almost done with the girls' rooms.