Wednesday, July 2, 2008


It has been a while since I have done an update and I am hearing about it, so here goes....

We are loving the beautiful weather that Mother Nature has blessed us with lately!! Teeghun would live outside if we let him!! He wants to be outside from the time that we get home until we drag him in for dinner at night. We have tried the sprinkler but he wasn't too sure about that, he usually just prefers that we leave it running and he can play around it whenever he wants.

Last night we got out the squirt guns, he had a lot of fun squirting daddy with them.

We love to hit garage sales when we get a chance that GG (Great-Grandma) found this bargain it is a LeapFrog Choo-Choo, it will help him learn his letters.

We spent the day with my mom (Memaw) recently while Stevie went to a day of basketball with Wayne. Here is a picture of my mom with the boys at the zoo...

Speaking of basketball here is Tanner at his first Lady Eagles game...

Teeghun has become quite the "cheeser" when I try to take a good picture of are some random shots of him lately.

Here is one good one after his shower last night, he has suddenly decided that he doesn't want to take a bath anymore he wants to take showers instead.

Tanner's personality continues to delight all he comes into contact with, he has a great belly laugh, we took a video last night that we will try to get uploaded. His smile just makes my day and he sure lights up when I walk in the room and start talking to him. He is mamma's little boy, at least for now!

Doesn't the look on his face look like "Daddy will you help me out here"??

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