Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh where oh where...

Does the time go? I cannot believe that it is almost August! I have been terrible about updating the blog, sorry about that! It seems that our time right now has been consumed by estate work from the death of Steve's parents; we have been spending a lot of time at their house sorting through the memories and the personal effects that go with those memories. They have scheduled an auction for August 16th but thankfully the house sold before that so Steve won't have to watch the house that he grew up in be auctioned off.

I have been taking lots of pictures of the boys and was kindly reminded that "we need to see some new pictures" so here you go :)

WARNING!!! PICTURE OVERLOAD!!!! But you did ask for it :)


We heard the ice cream truck one night when we got home from work so Teeghun patiently stood in the driveway until he stopped at our house. He wasn't too sure about picking something out so we took a bomb pop and he loved it!!! Of course we paid more for that one bomb pop than we could've bought the entire box for at the store but it was a "first" for Teeghun so it was ok right??

Zoo Day

Next comes Tanner...

Kisses from Big Brother (Teeghun LOVES Tanner!!!)

Tanner & Ellee's first Bridal Shower
Hanging out with Memaw and GG

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