Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ten Things about Teeghun

Jaidean (doesn't she have adorable kiddos??) did a post recently about Teagun and Emery and I thought that it was a neat idea so here it goes:

Teeghun has the most contagious laugh, I love to hear him and Steve laughing and playing from another room.

Teeghun loves his daddy dearly, if we stop together to pick up the boys from daycare he will run right past me to get to his daddy.

He loves to wear his hair in a "hawk" (mohawk) or spike, then wants you to touch it and say "ouch" :)

Teeghun loves Tanner dearly and wants to help A LOT!!

He is becoming a very sensitive little guy, he shows great concern when Tanner is sad or upset and if he should get too rough with Tanner it upsets Teeghun more than Tanner when Tanner cries!

Teeghun LOVES LOVES LOVES to be outside and would spend all the time he is awake outside if we would let him.

He loves "balk balk (chicken nuggets), cheese (macaroni & cheese), and fries" and would have that for every meal if we would let him.

He wants us to fast forward through Jo Jo's Circus so that he can see the 2 minute segment called Choo Choo Soul that follows on the Disney Channel!! Wish that Disney made a DVD just of the Choo Chooo Soul segments so that we didn't have to TIVO Jo Jo just to see the Choo Choo Soul segments!

Teeghun LOVES to swim and spend time in the water and he can swim the entire length of the pool at the YMCA with his life jacket on.

He can count to five and knows his phone number if you have him repeat to you.

Teeghun is growing too fast for mommy's liking!!

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Jaidean said...

Love these updates :)
Teagun get super upset if Emery is upset too...cracks me up!