Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend

We had a great 4th of July weekend. Friday we spent time at Sycamore Hills Golf Course for their AWESOME buffet. We were waffling on hanging around for the fireworks but when they sent up a test fire and both kids burst out in tears we decided that we might be a couple years from staying for the fireworks!! We did get a couple family pics taken that night...here is one of us four and another one of Memaw & Baby Papa with the boys.

Saturday we had swimming lessons in the morning, Teeghun has been "approved" for private swimming lessons so we will start those in a couple weeks. He does really well and has even been jumping off the side and going under the water by himself!! I am so proud of him!!!

Saturday evening we spent time at the Beverly's house. Teeghun & Meghan had a great time running around in their sprinkler, playing on their swing set and just hanging out together. Steve & Shawn went to buy fireworks and came back declaring that they had no idea what they had just bought. We gathered in the backyard to watch Shawn light the fireworks. Teeghun didn't mind the sparklers, but after just one "bigger" firework he was crawling up our legs and wanting inside now. So he, Tanner and Steve watched from inside. Here are some pictures from Beverly's house.

Saturday was a big day in Tanner's life...HE ROLLED OVER from back to tummy! I had missed this "first" with Teeghun and I was thrilled to see Tanner do it for the first time. Of course I cried...this is just another sign that my "baby boy" is growing up!

We started Tanner on veggies on Sunday here are the results...he really puts it away!!!


I think that I like it...

A little help here dad..

Sweet potato face...what a cutie!!

Starting to get tired of sweet potato already

How much more do I have to eat??

All done!!

Finally we had a great Patriotic Celebration at our church, we honored the people who have served or are serving in the military and also honored the Fire Department and First Responders. It was an awesome service. We took pictures on one of the firetrucks before the service...check out these handsome dudes!!

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Janice said...

Looks like you guys had a great holiday weekend! I love Tanner's expressions, lol! And YAY for rolling over!!! Can't believe he's doing that already!